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05 May 2013 @ 05:24 pm
Animanga Sales Post  

This is my first time selling stuff like this so please bear with me! >__< I will try to reply asap!

Payment method: Paypal (please do gift option or else you'll be charged with the fees...)
Price is in USD. Then you will have to pay for shipping, too.
Shipping method: EMS - includes tracking number (since I'm currently in Japan but I will be going back to America within a week so.... if you live around America, it would be better to wait until then! Of course, the shipping method will not be EMS..)
Shipping will be done after payment and I can ship worldwide.
No returns and I am not responsible for any damages or lost of the item when I ship it.
Please be patient as I am currently a university student! I will reply as soon as I can!
I'm willing to put things on hold. If you have any questions, please ask away!
If I don't get a reply from you for over a week, I will assume that you will not buy it.


Series: Uta no Prince-sama

Title: 音也とトキヤのぜ~んぶエロ漫画 再録集 (Basically an anthology of the circle's past works、which were all R18)
Pairing: Ittoki Otoya x Ichinose Tokiya
Circle: ごもくごはん妄想部 (gomokugohan mousoubu)
Rating: R18
Sample Pages: HERE 84 pages
PRICE: $20
Notes: It is not in mint condition (there are a few bents in the corners) since I did buy it from a secondhand shop but still in very nice condition.

Title: Everyday With You.
Pairing: Ichinose Tokiya x Ittoki Otoya
Circle: ROROCK
Rating: Safe-ish? PG-13
Price: $10
Notes: 18 pages

Series: Kuroko no Basuke

Title: 1月31日君とエトセトラ
Pairing: Kise x Kuroko
Circle: sigmastar
Rating: Safe~
Sample Pages: HERE 52 pages
Price: $15

Title: 気になるんです、ボクだって。
Pairing: Kise x Kuroko
Circle: sigmastar
Rating: R18
Sample Pages: HERE 12 pages
Price: $9

Title: kikuro*collection
Pairing: Kise x Kuroko
Circle: KINOME
Rating: R18
Sample Pages: HERE 92 pages
Price: $20

Title: オレと黒子っち!
Pairing: Kise x Kuroko
Circle: ぷりんの缶詰 and [WANCOCAFE]
Rating: Safe
Price: $9
Notes: 14 pages

Series: Karneval

Title: 恋愛遺伝子
Pairing: Yogi x Gareki, Tsukitachi x Hirato
Circle: Heavenly貳號艇
Rating: Safe-ish... PG-13
Sample Pages: HERE 28 pages
Price: $13