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~TakaYama Cuteness~

My journal is semi-friends locked!

Here's where you comment if you want to be friends. But PLEASE ONLY COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO READ MY PERSONAL RANTS AND SUCH, NOT FOR MY FICS BECAUSE THOSE ARE PUBLIC. You can just add meh and no need to comment. You'll still see my fanfiction updates.

Don't worry. HSJ Fanfictions & Scans will still be public for all. Meh graphics community ish meh_fetish . I'm only locking my personal life stuff rants, memes, etc. Just LEAVE A COMMENT here. And if you do comment here, please ADD me back because a few comment but don't add me. And hopefully we can keep in touch and have fun? xD

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Animanga Sales Post


This is my first time selling stuff like this so please bear with me! >__< I will try to reply asap!

Payment method: Paypal (please do gift option or else you'll be charged with the fees...)
Price is in USD. Then you will have to pay for shipping, too.
Shipping method: EMS - includes tracking number (since I'm currently in Japan but I will be going back to America within a week so.... if you live around America, it would be better to wait until then! Of course, the shipping method will not be EMS..)
Shipping will be done after payment and I can ship worldwide.
No returns and I am not responsible for any damages or lost of the item when I ship it.
Please be patient as I am currently a university student! I will reply as soon as I can!
I'm willing to put things on hold. If you have any questions, please ask away!
If I don't get a reply from you for over a week, I will assume that you will not buy it.


Series: Uta no Prince-sama

Title: 音也とトキヤのぜ~んぶエロ漫画 再録集 (Basically an anthology of the circle's past works、which were all R18)
Pairing: Ittoki Otoya x Ichinose Tokiya
Circle: ごもくごはん妄想部 (gomokugohan mousoubu)
Rating: R18
Sample Pages: HERE 84 pages
PRICE: $20
Notes: It is not in mint condition (there are a few bents in the corners) since I did buy it from a secondhand shop but still in very nice condition.

Title: Everyday With You.
Pairing: Ichinose Tokiya x Ittoki Otoya
Circle: ROROCK
Rating: Safe-ish? PG-13
Price: $10
Notes: 18 pages

Series: Kuroko no Basuke

Title: 1月31日君とエトセトラ
Pairing: Kise x Kuroko
Circle: sigmastar
Rating: Safe~
Sample Pages: HERE 52 pages
Price: $15

Title: 気になるんです、ボクだって。
Pairing: Kise x Kuroko
Circle: sigmastar
Rating: R18
Sample Pages: HERE 12 pages
Price: $9

Title: kikuro*collection
Pairing: Kise x Kuroko
Circle: KINOME
Rating: R18
Sample Pages: HERE 92 pages
Price: $20

Title: オレと黒子っち!
Pairing: Kise x Kuroko
Circle: ぷりんの缶詰 and [WANCOCAFE]
Rating: Safe
Price: $9
Notes: 14 pages

Series: Karneval

Title: 恋愛遺伝子
Pairing: Yogi x Gareki, Tsukitachi x Hirato
Circle: Heavenly貳號艇
Rating: Safe-ish... PG-13
Sample Pages: HERE 28 pages
Price: $13
TakaYama - Close



As you probably can tell, I pretty much died... especially on fanfics sadly. I may come back one day... randomly in the future and post a fic! Haha. Sadly, real life has caught up to me... a whole lot this school year. I also hope to study abroad in Japan next year and if I do get in, I'll definitely have no time to write fics at all. Sorry to my readers who look forward to my fics! T__T Sorry to disappoint you all! Please continue to love the OTPs that I love! I still love TAKAYAMA, YUTOCHII, DAIRYU, AND RYUSHIN along with other pairings! :3 This account will now be for my fanfics only. If you're looking to talk to me personally, well... :3 Even then, I'm failing in posting there. Become a stalker then!

Goodbye everyone for now~

Live life to the fullest! Enjoy the time you have now! :3 And make the most of it!

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Announcement~ Hiatus-ish but not really?

To meh fic readers, I apologize for not updating. Y

You know how I usually update at least once a week? Well as you have noticed, I haven't.. nor do I have motivation/inspiration to write recently. But real life has definitely occupied most of my time this summer... sadly. And I'm not sure if the Ryutaro thing has made me less inspired or anything there goes two of my OTPs DaiRyu and RyuShin (but this one is more possible), but I dunno. xD I have the plots all planned out... I guess writing is the hard part.. and once you get lazier... you just get lazier... ;w; I'm sorry to disappoint you all! My backups have ran out~

So... I guess I'm trying to say... although I can't update as frequently lately (like once a week), I will still definitely write fics though! I just won't post them as... routinely. xD I hope that's alright for you guys~! ;w; Hopefully you guys will understand?

I love you guys! ;w; *HUUUGS*
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~Relief (One-Shot)~

Title: Relief
Author: Jen
Pairing: TakaYama
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yamada needs relief after eating desserts and Takaki gives him just that.
Notes: There, for you deprived TakaYama fans... who especially want NCs. LOL  you pervs.
Comments are appreciated~

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Back back!


YAAAY!!! Yesterday was the last day of finals and now I'm back home! It's so nice to be back home! And 3 months of summer vacation! Woot! :3 I'll be a lot more active on livejournal now~ Shall make another post later~ And now I can work on fanfics, graphics, etc... xD

I missed you guys so muuuch! *HUUUGS* :3
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Continued Hiatus ;w;

Continued Hiatus...

Until Summer Vacation

Hey you guys! I seem to have like... died. >.>;;; And as you can tell, no fics are being posted lately except for the one on Yamada's birthday. xD Haha~ Yeah, the temporary hiatus turned into an official hiatus until my summer vacation. I'm going home on June 7th. xD Haha so yeah. I'll have finals in about a week or so? xD Even though I want to study, I don't think I will do much but I will try my best! Yaaay! :3 I've just been keeping up with tumblr and livejournal, stalking. Along with twitter. And talking to friends on FB. xD

I miss you guys! I can't wait until summer vacation so I can talk to you guys like... everyday and write fics! ;w; My online liiife~ So yeah. xD Bye everyone! Love you guys!
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~Teach Me What It Means To Be An Adult (One-Shot)~

Title: Teach Me What It Means To Be An Adult
Author: Jen
Pairing: TakaYama - Takaki x Yamada
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2313
Summary: 10 years has passed since Takaki adopted the 8 year-old Yamada from the orphanage. Over the years, they fell for each other and got in a relationship but Takaki loves Yamada too much to go further than third base.
Notes: HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY, YAMADA RYOSUKE!!! I'll make a b-day post for ya later
By the way, I know someone had requested for a sequel to Make You Wet so here it is. xP
Comments are appreciated!

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More Pimping~

Now you guys can follow me on tumblr~ I've just started there so yeah... If you love TakaYama... *points to second link* And follow me on twitter~ :3

Meh Tumblr


Meh Twitter

I really should make a list of how you guys can contact meh. xP And yeah, still on hiatus... I guess. Still can't balance meh online and real life yet.. @.@;;; Test tomorrow... paper due next week... @.@;;
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Dead or not... xD

Aaaah~ Should've posted earlier (like last week) but... I'll be on a temporary HIATUS once again. As you can see, I didn't post a fanfic update last week so yeah... also failing terribly on commenting on people's entries and messaging people on their b-days late. =w=

Had a history midterm on Wednesday and studied on like Tuesday night. =w= Me and my procrastination. But I got sick on Tuesday night so... yeah. then on Wednesday, didn't get enough sleep and had a fever that night so I couldn't sleep much. Woke up feeling like crap but still had to go to Japanese class at 8AM and then my history class for my midterm at 9AM. Japanese class ended 2-3 minutes late so that was around 8:52 so I had to run to my history class while I was feeling terrible. And then I took the midterm feeling slightly feverish, a headache, and very weak. I think I did okay on half of it and the essay portion... not so good. Oh well~ It's over. But still... of all days to feel that terrible... and get sick the day before my midterm... Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and today... I've been trying my best to get better. I've been sleeping a lot, drinking water, etc.. It's hard especially when I can't sleep because I'm coughing... but I really want to get better. Blah.

This week... well on Tuesday, my take-home midterm is due so... I shall do it all... tomorrow. =w= I want to get enough sleep today. I'm feeling sleepy right now... and I have to read a whole book for history by Friday... yippee~ =w=  Eventually I'll need to do a paper on that... blah. I better take a showa and then go sleep so until then.... byes you guys! I miss you! ;w;